Board of Directors

Our leadership philosophy is simple - to best serve our clients. We are passionate listeners and compassionate advisers in meeting your needs. We instil passion, commitment and integrity in all that we do.


Dato' Mohamad Alayuddin Hj. Hassan
Executive Vice Chairman

Dato' Mohamad Alayuddin Hj. Hassan holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Northrop University, Los Angeles, United States. He started his career in General Electric Co. Ltd. Los Angeles as an engineer for three years before joining SAKATA in 1987. For over two decades, he has amassed a wealth of engineering and consultancy experience in a wide range of construction projects such as earthworks, buildings, airport terminals, agricultural drainage and resorts.

Leveraging on these experiences, he has contributed immensely in building SAKATA to the strong entity it is today. As Executive Vice Chairman, he is involved in project proposals and negotiations as well as overseeing all aspects of business operations of SAKATA.

Dato' Aminuddin Hj. Hassan
Chief Executive Officer

Dato' Aminuddin Hj. Hassan leads the SAKATA team with his strong sense of vision and drive. Starting his career in 1984 as a site engineer upon graduating from Cardiff University, he acquired invaluable exprience in site supervision and coordination for earthworks, piling, bridges, drainage, highways and slope stabilisation. From 1987-1996, as project manager and later on as project director, he was involved in various school building and housing scheme, and sections of the Malaysia - Singapore 2nd Crossing and the PLUS North-South Highway. He joined SAKATA in 1996 as Chief Executive Officer where he has been successfully negotiating and spearheading projects under the arms of SAKATA

Nor Hasima Hj. Hasan
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Nor Hasima Hj. Hasan, an experienced architect, joined SAKATA in 2006 as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. She provides strategic input that is crucial in strengthening SAKATA's service delivery skills and professional services. She holds a Master of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Iowa State University, United States.

Nor Hamidah Hj. Hassan
Finance Director

As Finance Director, Nor Hamidah Hj. Hassan plays a pivotal role in SAKATA's commercial strategy and planning process. An Accounting graduate from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, United States, she is responsible in making informed financial decisions that take into consideration the customers, the stakeholders, the risks, the strategy, processes and systems that impact the business. She also ensure the smooth running of the administration of the office.

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